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Turtle Island Tales Family Wellness Program

Emily Tomayko

Healthy food choices
Physical Activity (PA)
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SNAP-Ed Toolkit

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This curriculum is part of the USDA’s national SNAP-Ed Toolkit — a one-stop shop for organizations committed to improve nutritional health in their communities.

SNAP-Ed Toolkit :


A home-based, family-level, direct education intervention designed to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, decrease added sugar intake, increase physical activity, decrease sedentary/screen time, promote healthy sleep, and promote emotional regulation, providing low-income, SNAP-eligible American Indian (AI) families with skills and tools needed to make healthy lifestyle choices.The program addresses the need for family based culturally appropriate materials and combines Indigenous knowledge with US diet and physical activity guidelines. The program also can be delivered in group settings or family visits if more direct engagement is desired. Monthly wellness kit is sent to families with children aged 3-8 years. $30 per kit per family.

Emily Tomayko
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 406-994-4191


Number of Lessons

12 Lessons

Length of Lesson

2 hours of activities

Delivery Method
Evidence Based Category
Research Tested

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CATCH (3-5) - Activity Box

Health education, school environment, family/ community involvement work together. Aimed at improving school nutrition, PA, food service.  $300 Coordination Kit available for purchase. Includes classroom curriculum.

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Telephonic Health Coaching (THC) trains educators to be health coaches that engage with clients by telephone and use behavior change techniques to craft individual goals related to healthy eating and physical activity. THC’s health coaches guide the participants through client-centered conversations that promote the implementation of the current USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans. THC offers a convenient and accessible modality. Toolkit is free.

Elizabeth Boucher
Phone: 860-231-5302
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Training and licensing required for a fee to access curriculum and materials.

Self-Management Resource Center
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 650-242-8040