CalFresh Healthy Living Peer Exchange

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CalFresh Healthy Living Peer Exchange 

The CalFresh Healthy Living Peer Exchange is a mentorship program available to funded CalFresh Healthy Living staff from all SIAs that facilitates connections between agencies requesting assistance (mentees) and experienced mentors. During a Peer Exchange, mentors share information and best practices on requested topics, allowing mentees to gain valuable guidance in creating a successful implementation plan. What sets Peer Exchange apart from other mentorship programs is its inclusivity.  Peer Exchange is for seasoned implementers and those just beginning their CFHL careers. While virtual meetings are the most popular option, participants can also meet in person, by phone, or a combination. Peer Exchange also offers roundtable exchanges where multiple mentees seek guidance on the same topic, allowing for even more collaboration. 

Meet with other local implementing agencies via:

  • Phone Call
  • Web-Based Virtual Meeting
  • In-Person Meeting

Once registered for Peer Exchange, the CalFresh Healthy Living Statewide Training team matches you with a mentor or mentee and coordinates the details of your exchange.  Statewide Training will provide the resources and support needed to ensure you get the most out of the experience. This includes guidance on preparing for your exchange, meeting facilitation, and follow-up to ensure participants have gained valuable insights and connections.

Benefits of Participating in the Peer Exchange:

  • Peer-to-peer mentorship 

  • Support & Guidance

  • Access to networking opportunities

Sign up to join the Peer Exchange today!

All CalFresh Healthy Living implementers are invited to use this valuable resource to connect with peers, share experiences, and contribute to advancing PSE initiatives within their community. To participate in an exchange, please complete the Peer Exchange application. 

We are now offering exclusive priority registration for the next CalFresh Healthy Living Forum.  Applicants who participate in the Peer Exchange as a Mentor will receive priority registration and provide a unique opportunity to engage with other leaders in the field and share best practices.

Want to learn more? Connect with Alejandra Morales at [email protected] 



Connect, Learn, and Explore Together!


‘’Go for it! If you feel like this is a big uptaking, it is not. The knowledge you have is easy to present if you have the experience. The Mentee agency took care of the logistics which made it easy for the mentor to deliver what was needed to the mentee. It only requires an hour of your time, and anyone should be able to fit that in their schedule.’’