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Create Better Health

Create Better Health (CBH) is a comprehensive nutrition curriculum designed to improve the nutrition and physical activity-related knowledge, skills, and self-efficacy of SNAP-Ed eligible adults to lead an active and healthy lifestyle with limited resources. CBH has a unique emphasis on improving food resource management by teaching participants how to use foods they already have in their kitchen to create a variety of nourishing meals. CBH was developed and evaluated by a team of SNAP-Ed program specialists, registered dietitians, and Utah State University Extension nutrition faculty.

Utah State


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A Taste of African Heritage

Each class includes nutrition and historical lessons, cooking demonstrations, and discussion on traditional foods from Africa. Lessons are on herbs and spices, greens, whole grains, beans and rice, tubers and stew, and fruits and vegetables.

Virtual and in-person options are available.

Teacher Guide = $30
Student Handbook (15ct) = $200

Contact Sarah Anderson, Heritage Diets Curriculum Coordinator
phone: (617) 896-4880
email: mailto:[email protected]


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Good for Me and You (2)

Students explore a healthy body and lifestyle, MyPlate, nutrients and what they do for their bodies, breakfast, healthy beverages, exercising and keeping food safe.


Restricted Access - Pending approval for use by programs outside of UC ANR; please contact CalFresh Healthy Living, UC State Office at [email protected]

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BEPA 2.0: Be Physically Active Today (K-5th grades)

BE Physically Active 2 Day (BEPA 2.0) is a classroom-based physical activity program aligned to national health education (HE) and physical education (PE) standards for grades K-5. BEPA 2.0 includes over 50 unique, brain-boosting physical activities that teachers can use to reinforce grade-level movement skills and competencies and teach health education and physical education literacy. It can be used inside and outside of the classroom, and works great before, during, or after school. $35 online training per educator;$50 Toolkit; $25 sets of activity cards in English and Spanish.

Oregon State Extension - [email protected]  
Kathy Gunter at [email protected]