What is Health Equity? Pathways to Health for All

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The term “health equity” is thrown around a lot these days.  Are you looking to move beyond the buzzword and towards a deeper understanding of what equitable pathways to health look like?

This course was created in partnership with UCSD Centers for Community Health. Through this partnership, five Creative Research Interns explored the topic of Health Equity and created videos sharing their perspectives on what more inclusive pathways to health can look like. You will explore what health equity is and ways that communities can create more equitable pathways to "health for all". Lastly,  examine why collaboration among various public health sectors is a crucial tactic to creating better health for everyone.  This course includes two Zoom session recordings and self-paced work.

This course includes approximately three hours of self-paced work (e.g., videos, activities, readings) and two 2-hour Zoom session recordings.