Embody Lib

Food as Identity, Community, and a Reflection of Values: An Introduction to Culturally Competent Nutrition Education Delivery and Design

Training Date:

Monday, Apr 15, 202410:00 a.m.12:30 p.m.


During this 2.5-hour session, participants will delve into the critical intersection of cultural competence theory and nutrition education delivery, emphasizing the profound impact of cultural beliefs and practices on dietary habits and health outcomes. Participants will engage in activities to assess cultural competency in their nutrition education initiative. Finally, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of cultural competence versus cultural humility in nutrition education design and delivery, thereby enhancing the impact and inclusivity of their practice. Participants will walk away from this session with an action plan that can further promote cultural competence and humility on both a program and institutional level.

The training is facilitated by Patrilie Hernandez of Embody Lib, a community platform and consulting practice that supports People of the Global Majority in reclaiming their health and well-being through education, engagement, and empowerment.


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